Hear Mizmor and Andrew Black’s atmospheric new collaboration, Dialetheia

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Mizmor Andrew Black Dialetheia stream

On November 20, doom metal artist Mizmor and Andrew Black release a new collaborative album, Dialetheia, via Gilead Media. It’s a recording comprising two lengthy tracks, opening with the calm, atmospheric “Looking At | Looking Through” before growing heavier and more abrasive with the haunting “Nostalgic Dystopian,” a darkly ambient piece rife with distortion, noise and a powerful low-end roar. It’s a different kind of release from Mizmor than you might expect, more of an ambient drone-doom release than a proper metal album, but just as gorgeous and overwhelming in its scope.

Mizmor’s A.L.N. and Andrew Black shared the following joint statement about the recording: “’Dialetheia’ wordlessly ruminates on themes of isolation, society, subject-object dualism, nostalgia, anxiety, and depression. These themes started swirling around in our minds as the COVID-19 pandemic set in and began changing our ways of life. Whereas the first track, ‘Looking At | Looking Through’ is more gentle, meditative, and introspective, ‘Nostalgic Dystopian’ goes to a darker place, lamenting our current societal situation of being a failed state, acknowledging the reality of being both the lab tech and the subject in the great experiment of human civilization, and expressing the existential dread of being an overpopulated monoculture headed more closely toward causing a mass extinction and living in an apocalyptic era. The album was created remotely through file-sharing in March and April of 2020, inflicted by a novel sense of cognitive dissonance.”

Hear the full Mizmor and Andrew Black album stream below.

Mizmor’s last album was 2019’s Cairn.

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