Hear a new song from Whitney, “Kansas”

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Indie pop duo Whitney have released a new single. After releasing SPARK in 2022, the band have shared “Kansas,” a song that features gorgeous fingerpicked guitar and a breezy but moody atmosphere, and has been an ongoing work for at least six years. Hear the new song below, via its visualizer.

The group said in a statement, “We started ‘Kansas’ back in 2017 at the beginning of the Forever Turned Around writing sessions. The initial idea saw a couple different mutations but eventually we fully rewrote it into the title track for LP2. At some point during tour rehearsals in 2022 we decided to put the original unfinished ‘Kansas’ in the set to see how people would respond and it quickly became a centerpiece. So in March of this year we finished writing and recording ‘Kansas’ as it was originally imagined and we’re thrilled to finally release it.”

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