Hear Spacebag’s new prog-punk EP Party Prog Nights

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On September 17, Seattle prog-punk group Spacebag will release their new EP, Party Prog Nights via Unknown Controller Records. The group features current and former members of Eye of Nix, Kiss It Goodbye, Rorschach and Playing Enemy, and their new EP found the group working with Colin Marston of Krallice and Dysrhythmia. The EP is a dazzling blend of technical heavy metal, progressive rock and noise rock, moving in a dozen different directions within any given song and always doing so with a flair for showmanship and instrumental agility. They’ve put together a visualizer video for the EP, which you can check out below in its entirety before the EP drops on Friday.

The band says in a statement, “The new ‘Party Prog Nights’ EP continues with the same brutal prog Spacebag sound, while adding a wide variety of organs, synthesizers, pianos, harsh noise and even more whammy bar than before! On the new EP Spacebag gives a nod to the jazz fusion masters of the 70’s, metal and thrash pioneers of the 80’s and hardcore hessians of the 90’s. ‘Party Prog Nights’ is perfectly summed up by the wisdom of Yngwie Malmsteen: “How can less be more? That’s impossible. More is more!

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