Hear the epic new post-hardcore anthem from Arc Angles, “Absurdity/Atrocity”

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Arc Angles

Los Angeles post-hardcore group Arc Angles are releasing a new EP, Daisy, on New Years Day 2023 via Rabbit Rabbit Records. And today, the group have shared their second single from the EP, “Absurdity/Atrocity.” Engineered and produced by Christopher Dwyer (of Entry and Ghost Idols) and mixed by J. Robbins (Jawbox, Channels), the new track is a post-hardcore epic that fuses the groove and grit of Quicksand at their heaviest with the density of Hum and the cosmic crunch of Cave In. It’s a muscular and urgent song that reaches beyond its punchy foundation.

Chris Matalone, singer/bassist of Arc Angles said about the single in a statement: “The song title was inspired by a paraphrased version of a quote attributed to Voltaire that I’ve always loved: ‘Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.’ Broadly, the lyrics are about the ease with which huge groups of seemingly otherwise normal people are so easily manipulated into believing outright lies and conspiracy theories, to the point they become violent monsters that lash out against their fellow citizens. ‘Absurdities’ are being concocted by bad actors who are looking to create chaos and distrust in our society, and they are being mainlined into people’s brains through online echo chambers, where all distinction between fact and fiction has been erased.  Once people are indoctrinated into these cults of nonsensical thinking, they start thinking that everyone else is part of the conspiracies against them and are less than human, and it only takes a small spark to push them to take violent action and commit ‘atrocities’.

The arrangement/structure of the song almost felt like two different but complementary songs, and so I felt like the first two thirds or so of the song represented the ‘Absurdity’ portion of the song, and the last third or so of the song represented the ‘Atrocity’ portion.”

Listen to Arc Angles’ “Absurdity/Atrocity” below.

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