Hear the intricate indie pop of Movie Jail’s “Call the Neighbors”

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On March 3, Kentucky’s Movie Jail release their self-titled EP via Desperate Spirits Records, mixed by Tortoise‘s John McEntire and featuring his vibraphone performance on a number of tracks. Today, they’ve shared a new song from the upcoming release, titled “Call the Neighbors.” It’s an upbeat indie pop gem juxtaposing new wave guitar scratch against lush and shimmering Stereolab-style loungey electronic elements and intricate rhythmic shifts and time signature changes. Hear it below.

Dave Cobb of Movie Jail said in a statement:

‘Call the Neighbors’ is about the tension between a generation that views work as inherently valuable and those who see it as a means to an end.

It’s a song about the joy of making questionable decisions – ‘making snow angels in the middle of the road,’ as the opening line suggests.

The second verse references an episode of ‘Family Ties’ in which the Young Republican Alex P. Keaton convinces a found-object artist to mass-produce copies of his latest piece, The Spirit of Columbus, named for the Ohio city in which the sitcom is set.

Coincidentally, the EP will be pressed at a plant in Columbus! So this song is definitely preoccupied with different ways of viewing one’s purpose in the world.”

Movie Jail live dates:

2/17: Louisville, KY @ Zanzabar
3/4: Lexington, KY @ The Green Lantern (Record Release)
3/22: Lexington, KY @ WRFL 88.1FM (In Studio)
3/31: Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet

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