Hear the new 10-minute one-track EP from SAULT, Angel

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Sault Angel

British soul collective SAULT have just released a new EP. It’s only one track, but that single track is over 10 minutes long and features three separate songs within it. A little confusing, perhaps, but it’s entirely in character for this enigmatic group to break the rules a little bit. Following the release of this year’s AIR, which skewed away from their atmospheric funk into more of an ambient/contemporary classical direction, the group have pulled inspiration from dub and reggae on this set of music. They’re always evolving, and always doing something worth checking out. Listen to “Angel” below.

Earlier this year, SAULT released AIR, which followed 2021’s more urgent, danceable set of songs, NINE. That album disappeared from download and streaming services after just 99 days. (Though they did warn us—all part of the mystique.)

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