Hear the new album from Denver death metal group Necropanther, Betrayal

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On Friday, Colorado’s Necropanther release their new album Betrayal. The group have already shared one single from the album, the raucous and melodic opening track “One and Only,” a catchy death metal ripper in the vein of The Crown or Skeletonwitch. And today, they’re streaming the entirety of the album.

With a narrative based on the 1979 movie The Warriors, the record stacks up 11 technically dazzling, hook-laden bursts of thrash and death metal that descend from the school of Carcass and At the Gates, with plenty of stylistic flourishes thrown in for good measure. It also finds the band taking on more experimentation in the studio and doubling up on the solos, with vocalist Paul Anop getting a chance to shred throughout the album.

These are areas we’ve never explored before, like backwards guitar, Marcus using a screwdriver on a bass track, and harmonized whammy leads,” said guitarist Joe Johnson in a statement.

Listen to Necropanther’s Betrayal in its entirety below, before it’s out on Friday, and pre-order it here.

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