Hear the new song from Charly Bliss, “You Don’t Even Know Me Anymore”

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Charly Bliss

Charly Bliss have released their first new single in three years. Today, the band have released “You Don’t Even Know Me Anymore,” their first new (non-Christmas) song since the release of their 2019 album, Young Enough. The new single was produced by Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus and Caleb Wright. Check out its new video below.

“I moved to Australia and felt a million miles away from who I had been in New York. Like I had been reborn happy, carefree, and slightly less pale,” said vocalist Eva Hendricks in a statement. “I was convinced that I had totally bypassed the ‘wherever you go, there you are’ thing. Lexapro also helped. I think this song is a farewell to how sad and tortured I felt during the Young Enough album cycle. It’s like the ‘fuck it!’ that you earn after burning your entire life down and starting over. Sam [Hendricks] sent me the track and it felt exactly as joyous and silly and giddy as I felt inside. It came together quickly and set the tone for a new CB era.”

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