Watch High Castle Telorkestra’s video for the eclectic metal-folk anthem “Mutual Hazard”

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High Castle Telorkestra Mutual Hazard

High Castle Telorkestra, a metal-folk fusion group comprising musicians from the U.S., Norway and Australia, have announced their debut album The Egg That Never Opened, due June 17 via Art As Catharsis. The group features musicians who have performed with the likes of Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3 and Estradasphere, and their unique sound reflects that colorful background. Today, they’ve shared a new video for “Mutual Hazard,” a clip that showcases just how rich and eclectic their hybrid of sounds truly is, blending elements of metal, progressive rock, Eastern European folk, jazz and other unique bits, all of which come together in an invigorating track that embraces the unexpected. Combined with a video inspired by Philip K. Dick, it’s a rich and cinematic experience.

“We worked with a small team on our video,” says the band’s Chris Bogen in a press release, “consisting of Casey Beatrix (lead editor, animator), Kevin Shipp (analog video processing), David Dines (graphic designer and artist), and Larry Joe Smith (concepts and an early video collaborator). It looks amazing. The video serves up band member performances, a narrative thread based on the book but transposed to the world of High Castle Telorkestra’s remote collaborations and subsequent government surveillance, and plenty of surreal imagery that goes along with the underlying story of the song.”

Watch the clip below.

High Castle Telorkestra The Egg That Never Opened tracklist:

1. The Egg That Never Opened
2. Ich Bin’s
3. The Aramchek Accusation
4. Valisystem A
5. At Last He Will
6. The Days of Blue Jeans Were Gone
7. Diagnosing Johnny
8. Placentia
9. Klawpeels (Mission Checkup)
10. Mutual Hazard

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