Watch ambient trio Ionophore’s haunting video for “Bedim”

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Ionophore, the ambient/post-rock trio featuring Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Fyrhtu, Terebellum), Janek Hendrich (Qepe, Not Quite So, Betterthief) and Ryan Honaker (Souls And Cities, Betterthief), recently released their new album Knells. And today, they’ve shared a new video for the track “Bedim.” The clip is a haunting, gentle piece built on piano, violin and guitar, at times sounding like an eerie film score. It’s paired with a gloomy visual filmed and edited by David Brenner (Gridfailure), that has a grim, wintry chill.

Abdul-Rauf says of the track, “The composition of ‘Bedim’ began with Janek’s moody guitar line, which Ryan counterpointed beautifully with his violin harmonies. I added a dissonant piano part to counter the sweetness of the string melodies, which I manipulated in sections to build tension, as the piece crescendoes in tandem with Janek and Ryan’s doom-ridden atmospheric electronics and drones. ‘Bedim’ captures the somber essence of Knells, from its wistful intro to its chilling climax: crepuscular-lit, and a fitting soundscape for late Winter, the essence of which David Brenner’s video captures exquisitely.”

Watch the video for “Bedim” below, and hear Knells here.

We recently featured Ionophore’s Knells on our roundup of hidden gems to check out on Bandcamp Friday.

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