Khruangbin announce new album, A LA SALA

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Khruangbin have announced a new album. On April 5, they’ll release A LA SALA via Dead Oceans. It’s their first new album in four years, and the first single is “A Love International.” Check its new video below, directed by Scott Dungate.

Vinyl editions of the album will be released with seven different covers, according to a press release: “Designed by the band using Marko [Speer]’s multitude of travelog photos, and inspired by the surrealism of Belgian artist René Magritte, there are windows from the band’s living room onto a set of daydreams, scenes of impossible skies, external glances illuminating what is going on inside. These directly coincide with David Black’s images of DJ, Laura Lee and Marko which accompany A LA SALA, and see the band and a window, being both the observer and the observed. A LA SALA is all about looking out and looking back, in order to better look ahead.”

A LA SALA follows 2020’s Mordechai.

Khruangbin new album A LA SALA

Khruangbin A LA SALA tracklist:

Fifteen Fifty-Three
May Ninth
Ada Jean
Farolim de Felgueiras
Pon Pón
Todavía Viva
Juegos y Nubes
Hold Me Up (Thank You)
Caja de la Sala
Three From Two
A Love International
Les Petits Gris

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