Hear the new Liars single “Big Appetite”

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Liars Big Appetite video

Liars have shared another new track from their upcoming album The Apple Drop, which is out August 6 via Mute. Today, Angus Andrew has released “Big Appetite,” a hypnotic psych-pop dirge that features an appropriately disorienting video directed by Clemens Habicht. The effects are created by a camera mounted on a drill on Andrew’s forehead.

“I thought that spelunking with bats for the ‘Sekwar’ video tested the upper limits of my fear threshold, but it turns out having a revved up drill pointed close to my forehead for a day is truly the stuff of nightmares,” Andrew says in a press release. Check out the new clip below.

Liars’ last album was 2017’s TFCF.

Liars The Apple Drop tracklist:

1. The Start
2. Slow and Turn Inward
3. Sekwar
4. Big Appetite
5. From What the Never Was
6. Star Search
7. My Pulse to Ponder
8. Leisure War
9. King of the Crooks
10. Acid Crop
11. New Planets New Undoings

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