Hear Contemplator’s epic new progressive metal album, Morphose

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On Friday, orchestral progressive metal outfit Contemplator release their new album Morphose via Nefarious Industries. And today, we’re streaming the Quebec-based artist’s new album in its entirety. Morphose is an epic and ambitious set of songs, orchestrated and cinematic on the whole but harboring moments of intensity and crushing hugeness, at times feeling like an instrumental Opeth. There are elements of more spacious post-metal, material that feels more like a grand film score, and intense bursts of awe-inspiring power. Hear the album in its entirety below.

Contemplator’s Christian Pacaud says in a statement, “I could write a couple of words about the music of Morphose, describing its sounds, explaining its creation process and insight into the choices that led to what you can hear right now. But CONTEMPLATOR’s music has never been about words: any meaning I could attempt to give it is inconsequential in the face of your own experience of this music. Put on headphones, crank the volume up, look at the accompanying art by Is Mirek and change, transform, adapt, and interpret the meaning of this music according to whatever your brain dreams up in the process. Let yourself be transported wherever the experience takes you. Wherever this happens to be, that is the meaning of this music.”

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