Hear the new psych-folk song from Gold Dust, “Proof of Life”

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Gold Dust

Stephen Pierce, better known as Gold Dust, returns with a new album, The Late Great Gold Dust, on November 4 via Centripetal Force. The first new song is the hazy, blissfully psychedelic folk-rock of “Proof of Life.” Hear it below.

Pierce said about the song in a press release, “I was watching some live footage of Pentangle from 1972, from a live TV broadcast. When they played the trad. Scottish tune “Willy o’Winsbury,” Bert Jansch put down his guitar and picked up a dulcimer. The impact that his chiming drone made when he joined the rest of the band was something that moved me to do a quick search and order a modestly-priced dulcimer of my own. I did some reading about the tuning and the generalities about how they’re played and—while waiting for it to show up in the mail—figured I’d write a song for it. That’s this: “Proof of Life.” While I’ve still not written a song ON dulcimer, I’m happy to have written one FOR dulcimer: It encouraged me to approach the writing process a little differently than I otherwise would’ve. I’m grateful for that.”

The Late Great Gold Dust follows 2021’s Gold Dust.

Gold Dust The Late Great Gold Dust tracklist:

1. Go Gently
2. Proof of Life
3. Mountain Laurel
4. A Storm Doesn’t Hurt the Sky
5. Absolutely Nowhere
6. Larks Swarm a Hawk
7. And Yet
8. Unreliable Narrator
9. All Things Aside
10. Catalpa Bloom
11. Weird Weather
12. For Luna

Earlier this year, we spoke to Gold Dust about his favorite Jason Molina song.

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