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Odd Circus DEUS stream

On Friday, experimental rock trio Odd Circus will release their new EP DEUS via Good Idea Music. Comprising material that the group improvised live in the studio, DEUS is a swirling and disorienting hybrid of jazz and noise rock, prog and psychedelia, driven by fierce rhythms, pummeling basslines and hypnotic saxophone leads—they also released a great Sonic Youth cover last fall, further showcasing their diverse influences. There’s a cinematic quality to the group’s melodic approach—and melody is a major part of their sound, even if it is primarily improvised—which they juxtapose in compelling ways against their more unpredictable and cacophonous elements. Pressing play on DEUS feels like stepping through a portal into a strange underworld.

The band says in a statement about the album, “Each track captures a character consumed and driven to ruin by their sociopathic vice. We imagine the album as creating a kind of spiritual prison for these lost souls, as they are now forced to reckon with their toxic behavior.”

Listen to the Odd Circus DEUS stream below.

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