Odd Circus share heavy, no wave cover of Sonic Youth’s “The Wonder”

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Odd Circus The Wonder

Experimental heavy progressive trio Odd Circus have shared a new cover of Sonic Youth’s “The Wonder,” a.k.a. Part A of the closing “Trilogy” on 1988’s Daydream Nation. The group treat the song to a suitably discordant no-wave instrumental treatment, heavy on bass and saxophone, and it arrives in the form of a new video, shot inside of an abandoned shopping mall. It combines a sense of spectral funereality with the guerrilla on-site feel of an ’80s skateboarding VHS.

Odd Circus’ Graham Robertson says in a statement, “The bassist Crews and I grew up together as mischievous little kids and did our fair share of trespassing—abandoned houses, construction sites, schools after hours. So when we learned recently about this subculture of teenagers exploring dead malls, we immediately got it: There’s a major thrill and sort of twisted nostalgia to planting your flag briefly in something from the past. We don’t hop many fences these days, but playing some Sonic Youth and putting our own spin on it delivers a pretty similar feeling.”

Check out Odd Circus’ “The Wonder” video below and download the track via their Bandcamp page.

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