Merge announces Superchunk Indoor Living reissue

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Superchunk - Indoor Living reissue

Merge Records is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and as part of its celebration, the North Carolina-based label is reissuing some of its classic albums on CD and vinyl, with bonus content. This month, Lambchop’s 2000 album Nixon is getting the reissue treatment, and on Feb. 25, Merge will release a reissue of Superchunk’s 1997 album Indoor Living on CD and 180-gram vinyl, with a bonus download of a live concert recorded at Duke University in 1997. Check out the tracklist for both the reissued album and bonus live recording below.

Superchunk Indoor Living reissue:

1. Unbelievable Things
2. Burn Last Sunday
3. Marquee
4. Watery Hands
5. Nu Bruises
6. Every Single Instinct
7. Song for Marion Brown
8. The Popular Music
9. Under Our Feet
10. European Medicine
11. Martinis on the Roof

Clambakes Vol 8: We’d Like to Thank the Homecoming Committee – Live at Duke 1997:

1. Younger Bums (Big Dipper cover)
2. Burn Last Sunday
3. Cast Iron
4. Watery Hands
5. Song for Marion Brown
6. Sunshine State
7. I Guess I Remembered It Wrong
8. Nu Bruises
9. Marquee
10. Shallow End
11. Driveway to Driveway
12. Hyper Enough
13. Bye Bye Kitty Cat (Mice cover)
14. Precision Auto

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