Michael Beharie (Zs) shares hypnotic new track “For Days”

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michael beharie promise

Michael Beharie is probably best known for his work with Zs, a prog-rock collective that’s included a long list of members, including Psalm Zero’s Charlie Looker and Uniform‘s Ben Greenberg. (He also released a very cool collaboration with Teddy Rankin-Parker in 2018.) Beharie is releasing a new solo album, Promise, on Friday, and today he’s shared a new track from the album titled “For Days.” It’s the album’s closer, a hypnotic and slow-grooving track featuring drums from Beharie’s Zs bandmate Greg Fox (also of Liturgy, Ex Eye, Uniform) that gradually reaches a triumphant climax with soaring guitar riffs and flute. It’s a stellar track, and you can hear it below, as well as check out the tracklist.

Michael Beharie Promise tracklist:

1. Red
2. Ghost
3. Silo
4. Lolo
5. Thakur
6. August
7. Eclipse
8. For Days

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