Mouse on Mars announce new album, AAI (Anarchic Artificial Intelligence)

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Mouse on Mars new album AAI

Mouse on Mars are releasing a new album. On February 26, the German electronic duo will release AAI (Anarchic Artificial Intelligence) via Thrill Jockey. The first single is titled “The Latent Space.” Hear it below.

The album is a collaboration with writer Louis Chude-Sokai and longtime percussionist Dodo NKishi, and comprises some of the group’s most explicitly science-fiction-inspired material to date, employing AI software as a narrative device for the compositions.

Mouse on Mars AAI (Anarchic Artificial Intelligence) tracklist:

  1. Engineering Systems
  2. The Latent Space
  3. Speech and Ambulation
  4. Thousand To One
  5. Walking And Talking
  6. Youmachine
  7. Doublekeyrock
  8. Machine Rights
  9. Go Tick
  10. The Fear Of Machines
  11. Artificial Authentic
  12. Machine Perspective
  13. Cut That Fishernet
  14. Tools Use Tools
  15. Loose Tools
  16. Seven Months
  17. Paymig
  18. Borrow Signs
  19. New Definitions
  20. New Life Always Announces Itself Through Sound

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