Naja Naja share dark new post-punk single, “Copy of You”

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Naja Naja Copy of You

Beijing post-punk duo Naja Naja recently announced their debut self-titled EP, out April 29 via Wharf Cat. And after sharing first track “Dong Dong,” today they’ve shared another new track, “Copy of You.” It’s a darker, slithering post-punk gem that rides a pulsing bassline and carries more than a trace of psychedelia in its melancholy, effects-laden guitar riffs. Where their previous single had an upbeat dancepunk sensibility, this one’s more deliciously goth in its atmosphere. Hear it below.

The group says in a statement, “This song is based on a not-so-trendy idea (which may have even come true) – if you want someone to be there for you, and are constantly thinking about them, but the reality just can’t be what you wish, it might be a good idea to make a copy of them. The song is divided into two sections: the first half is the inner monologue of this person, and the second half is the resulting madness and danger.”

Naja Naja EP tracklist:

1. New Toy
2. Dong Dong
3. Running Dog,Floating Elephant
4. Sunset Shopping Center
5. Copy of You
6. Tunnel

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