Hear the new album by Canadian post-metal group Omen Astra, The End of Everything

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Omen Astra end of everything stream

On Friday, May 19, Canadian progressive post-metal group Omen Astra will release new album The End Of Everything (not to be confused with our current Album of the Week) via Hypaethral/Protagonist/Moment of Collapse. They’ve released a handful of songs from the album thus far, including “The City That Burns” and “This is the End of Everything,” and today they’re sharing the album in its entirety before its street date just a couple days away.

The End of Everything is, in a word, epic. Its six songs offer an energizing blend of sludgy churn, hardcore grit, the apocalyptic menace of Neurosis and the more intricate songwriting sensibility of Minsk. Yet there’s not a moment here that doesn’t surge with explosive energy. As progressive metal goes, Omen Astra’s take is rarely adrift, instead providing a consistently thrilling set of riffs and melodic pathways.

Hear the album in its entirety below, and pre-order it here.

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