Oso Oso surprise release new album, Sore Thumb

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oso oso surprise album

A surprise new album from Oso Oso has just dropped. Today the group have released their fourth album, Sore Thumb, via Triple Crown. Hear the new album in its entirety below, and check out its tracklist.

The group’s leader, Jade Lilitri, says in a statement, “the making of this record is a now a memory of a time that i hold closer to my heart than anything. regardless of how i feel about these songs in the years to come, i am so happy this exists. thanks for listening. be decent.”

Sore Thumb follows 2019’s Basking in the Glow.

oso oso sore thumb tracklist:

1. computer exploder
2. nothing to do
3. father tracy
4. give a fork
5. all love
6. fly on the wall
7. describe you
8. pensacola
9. sunnyside
10. because I want to
11. nothing says love like hydration
12. carousel

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