Plum Green shares haunting new video for “Eyes Shut”

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Plum Green

In September, Melbourne dream-folk artist Plum Green released the haunting new album Somnambulistic via Nefarious Industries. And today, Plum Green has shared a new video for her latest single, “Eyes Shut.” The track is a stark and chilling psychedelic folk track with gothic overtones, shimmering electric guitar leads juxtaposed against a simple minor-key strum and Green’s voice, while accompanied by a video of a shadowy figure moving between trees. It’s an appropriately chilly track and dark clip to pair with the season.

In a statement, Green says “Eyes Shut” is “A nocturnal initiation, coaxing the restless towards sleep. The song and video are woven together in a calming enchantment to slow the mind and guide the attention inward before lifting the veil between this realm and the unconscious empire of the dreamer.”

Watch the clip below.

Find Somnambulistic here.

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