Profligate shares dark, sleek new single, “A Stranger.”

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On September 24, Noah Anthony, a.k.a. Profligate, will release new album Too Numb To Know via Wharf Cat. Today, Anthony shares new single “A Stranger,” a darkly sleek synth-pop jam with slithering post-punk bass, plus some dark club elements that bridge past and present. Its melody and arrangement nod to both Depeche Mode and Sade while delivering a streamlined and fun—despite the subject matter—electronic production.

Profligate’s Noah Anthony said about “A Stranger” in a statement, “‘A Stranger’ is sort of about erasing someone from your life, or being erased from people you used to be close to, for whatever reason. I was thinking about it in relation to social media and how nowadays we just block or delete a person and hope that they’ll just disappear. It’s written from the perspective of someone who’s been ‘erased’ and is resigned to walking a new landscape of familiar faces that remind them of friends they used to know. It’s a sad song. It features Kat Duma (Kaade), from Montreal, on backup vocals.”

Hear “A Stranger” below.

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