Ryan Patterson (Fotocrime) shares video for haunting synth track “Kneel to the Queen”

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Ryan Patterson Kneel to the Queen

Ryan Patterson (Fotocrime, ex-Coliseum) recently released his first solo album of electronic music, Apocalypticism, via Pax Aeternum back in May. And today, Patterson has shared a new video for “Kneel to the Queen,” a track that has a haunting, progressive electronic sound, pairing the synth minimalism of early industrial music with the epic, cinematic scope of a powerful film score and a touch of John Carpenter eeriness. The clip, directed by Joe Watson, features natural footage from Wales—majestic mountains, waterfalls and unspoiled scenery that provides a beautiful counterpart to Patterson’s mesmerizing track. Check it out below.

Patterson says in a statement, “‘Apocalypticism’ is a concept album that follows a descent into a psychedelic, apocalyptic Earth. ‘Kneel To The Queen’ begins the album’s third act, which I imagined reaching beyond the edges of civilization and into barren terrain populated by rising cults and prophets. It’s a foreboding piece of electronic chamber music composed and performed on creaky forty-year-old Soviet synthesizers. The video’s director is Joe Watson, a UK-based filmmaker and friend, who filmed footage in Snowdonia, Wales to create a visual companion for ‘Kneel To The Queen.’ Combined with Joe’s visuals, the song’s title and sounds take on new meaning, bowing to Mother Nature.”

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