CLSM new album Infinity Shit

Coliseum returns as C.L.S.M., releases new album Infinity Shit

Hear the band’s first new album in eight years

Coliseum band metal doing good

Shadow of the Horns: At War with Reality

Metal is shaped by the choices we make, and I choose to side with those who aren’t racists.

Temporary Residence: 20 Essential Tracks

If you’ve been a fan of epic, emotional music in the past 20 years, chances…

Coliseum Anxiety's Kiss review

Coliseum : Anxiety’s Kiss

The Louisville, Kentucky trio deliver their least metal-sounding album yet with their transition to Deathwish.

Coliseum Anxietys Kiss

Coliseum announce new album, Anxiety’s Kiss

Watch new video, “We Are the Water”.

10 Essential Louisville Albums

10 Essential Louisville Albums

A roundup of favorites from Kentucky’s world-class city.


Video: Coliseum – “Love Under Will”

Abstract, melancholy, arty punk rock love.

Coliseum - Sister Faith

Coliseum : Sister Faith

Louisville punks grow ever more sophisticated and melodic on their fourth album.

Coliseum - Bad Will

Video: Coliseum – “Bad Will”

Watch a Coliseum outdoor show get broken up by the cops.

Coliseum - Sister Faith

Listen to new Coliseum track “Fuzzbang”

Another new one from Sister Faith.

Coliseum : House With A Curse

Post-punk atmosphere with a hardcore edge.