Ryan Patterson Kneel to the Queen

Ryan Patterson (Fotocrime) shares video for haunting synth track “Kneel to the Queen”

See the new clip of natural beauty from his new album, ‘Apocalypticism’

Fotocrime video

Fotocrime’s “Expulsion From Paradise” is an artfully dark goth clip

See the new clip from the Louisville post-punk group’s upcoming sophomore album.

Fotocrime Principle of Pain review

Fotocrime : Principle of Pain

A dark new post-punk direction from the former frontman of Coliseum.

Fotocrime interview

Raw nerve: An interview with Fotocrime

Ryan Patterson discusses metal, tenderness and toxic masculinity.

Fotocrime debut album

Fotocrime announce debut album, Principle of Pain

Hear new single “Nadia (Last Year’s Men)”.