Hear Six Organs of Admittance’s epic new psych-rock groove, “All That They Left You”

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Six Organs of Admittance

On June 25, Six Organs of Admittance will release new album The Veiled Sea via Three Lobed. Guitarist and sole permanent member Ben Chasny has already released one new track from the album, “Somewhere in the Hexagon of Saturn.” And today, Chasny’s released another new jam from the album, titled “All That They Left You.” The track is a balance between a bass heavy krautrock groove and some fiery fretwork from Chasny, exploring his most intense psychedelic rock tendencies while maintaining a hypnotic pulse at the center of it all. It’s one of the more explosive moments on the record, but there’s a warm, almost spiritual centeredness to it all, in spite of the chaos that erupts from it.

Chasny says of the song in a statement, “This song is from the point of view of the forces that formed this world saying, ‘That’s all you get. You don’t get any more.’ There’s a few guitar moves in there that were inspired by Alex Weir and some that were inspired by Randy Rhoads. I like bass.”

Hear Six Organs of Admittance’s “All That They Left You” below.

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