Spellling announces new album, The Turning Wheel

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Spellling new album

Spellling has announced a new album. On June 25, Chrysta Cabral will release The Turning Wheel via Sacred Bones. Its first single is “Little Deer,” which you can check out below, along with the album’s artwork and tracklist.

“‘Little Deer’ is definitely a thesis track,” Cabral says in a press release. “I feel that way because it not only showcases the greatest range of instrumentation that is featured on the album, but also because it accomplishes this strong impression of theater that I was striving for with the album as a whole. I’m especially proud of the lyrics. The challenge with the lyric writing was being able to speak to really large concepts like karma, reincarnation and the cycle of life without making the song sound burdened. I wanted the lyrics to match the grandeur of the instrumentation but still be easy to sing along to. I figured out a way to build the lyrics using a lot of abstract language that is still singable but odd in a way that I hope makes it memorable.”

The Turning Wheel follows 2019’s Mazy Fly.

Spellling The Turning Wheel tracklist:

1. Little Deer
2. Always
3. Turning Wheel
4. The Future
5. Awaken
6. Emperor with an Egg
7. Boys at School
8. Legacy
9. Queen of Wands
10. Magic Act
11. Revolution
12. Sweet Talk

Spellling’s Mazy Fly is featured on our list of the Top 50 Albums of 2019.

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