Spoon announce Kill the Moonlight 20th anniversary reissue

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Spoon Kill the Moonlight reissue

Spoon has announced a 20th anniversary reissue of their 2002 album, Kill the Moonlight. It’ll be released via Matador Records on September 9, on limited white vinyl. Find pre-orders here, and watch a clip for “The Way We Get By” below.

Spoon’s Britt Daniel says in a press release about the video, “Here’s one of those videos where I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on. I remember we worked on a shot of me making a suggestive handoff of a seemingly nefarious package, and some espionage-like loose story that was to be bookended by a little performance done on the sidewalk without a permit. Shot in a few hours in Chinatown during a 19-day van tour where we had no days off, the package handoff sequence had to be removed from the edit because MTV deemed it too indicative of a drug deal. I’m not sure what happened to the rest of the story but this thing holds up pretty well. The video was directed by Steve Hanft who had among other things, and this is the truth, years earlier directed a movie I had never heard of called Kill The Moonlight. I thought I’d discovered that phrase in an early 19th century futurist manifesto. And well, I had. But so had he. Picture me trying to explain that to him on set when he thought our album referenced his movie. Steve had also shot the video for Beck’s song ‘Loser’ and Beck put an album out one month after ours which had a song on it called ‘Paper Tiger,’ as did Kill The Moonlight. That’s some universe type shit.”

Earlier this year Spoon released Lucifer on the Sofa.

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