Stream the new Mac Gollehon album, Bite of the Street, plus read his track-by-track commentary

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Mac Gollehon

On Friday, New York trumpeter and eclectic jazz artist Mac Gollehon releases his new album, Bite of the Street, via Nefarious Industries. Gollehon has recorded with artists such as David Bowie, Grace Jones, Blondie, Madonna, Hall & Oates and more, and his latest album with the Hispanic Mechanics, Bite of the Street, is a wild ride through a wide scope of sounds that encompasses Latin jazz, progressive rock, electronic beats, more textured and cinematic noir sounds and more. Each track feels like an opportunity to explore new spaces, but all within Gollehon’s curious and evolving sonic world. Today, the album is streaming in full, ahead of its official release, and you can check it out below.

Mac’s also provided song-by-song commentary for the album, sharing inspirations and intentions behind its six tracks.

SOULED OUT: “This is the result when retro soul, future soul, Latin soul, psychedelic soul, neo-soul, gospel soul, and cinematic soul collide with urgent intensity.”

MACZONE: “A sonic territory with a fixed number of permutations. It’s clearly a club groove but drenched in integral serialism. A very freshly unique sound for the instrumental dance genre.”

BITE OF THE STREET: “Snapshots various urban scenarios as well as touch upon glimpses of the plight of suburbia and disappearance of personal  boundaries everywhere. Attraction becomes intrigue and disorder becomes rapport. Any confusion… just follow the sound.”

COMING AT YOU: “A wink to the great warhorses of the 70s fusion era but that’s where the similarity ends. This one takes no prisoners and shows no mercy, past or present, as it evokes its own blistering statement.”

HIGH DRAMA: “Flirtatious romance, and intrigue, within the narrow confines of a small Bronx cantina which becomes a reality warp. It’s an odd mixture of a nightclub scene and a lucid dream scene. Wherever the fantasy goes, trouble will follow.”

SLEEPWALKER: “Sleepwalker is a chronic, full-time, sleep-deprived soul, who is more than willing to share his fondness for time distortion with all who listen.”

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