Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco songwriting retreat canceled after outcry

Retreat previously scheduled to be held at Southern plantation.

Ani DiFranco : Red Letter Year

Caught up in the celebration.

Fall Music Preview 2008

Fall Music Preview

Twenty of the most anticipated albums of 2008’s fall season.

Ani DiFranco : Canon

Anthology of singer-songwriter’s 17 year career.

The Rakes' 'Capture/Release'


A whole week of Perversity reviews—late looks at some great albums from 2006 (and then some).

Ani DiFranco : Reprieve

Album number 15 for indie folk’s most righteous babe.

Ani DiFranco : Knuckle Down

With the help of Joe Henry, Ani pulls off yet another great album.

Ani DiFranco : Educated Guess

Why does our favorite indie folkster feel so alone?