Arab Strap

Knocked Loose

Best New Releases, May 10: Knocked Loose, Amen Dunes, and more

Plus A.G. Cook, Arab Strap, Yaya Bey, Jim White & Marisa Anderson, Mary Lattimore & Walt McClements, and Sisso & Maiko

Arab Strap

Arab Strap announce reunion tour dates

Ready your kilts! The Arab Strap reunion is now official. The vulgar indie rock duo…

Arab Strap

Arab Strap tease possible reunion

Foul-mouthed Scottish indie pop outfit Arab Strap could possibly be reuniting after a ten-year hiatus.…

Arab Strap Philophobia review

Arab Strap : Philophobia

A breakthrough album from the Glasgwegian indie duo, famed for its warts-and-all storytelling.

Arab Strap : The Week Never Starts Round Here

Scottish duo’s classic first album, reissued.