The Evaporators : Gassy Jack and Other Tales

…And so the Evaporator parade continues with their latest album, Gassy Jack and Other Tales. For those yet unacquainted with The Evaporators, a quote from the lead vocalist, Nardwuar the Human Serviette, is probably the best description of the band on file: “We like simple songs like that where we tell people the title before we play so they can sing along.” True to this description, the songs’ lyrics are mostly the songs’ titles, and the repetition of these titles throughout the song gives the listener something to grab onto in the midst of The Evaporator parade, a stampede really, rushing past like a river, sweeping through hair and eyelashes quickly like air though a banging head.

Most of the songs on the album rip right into the full on guitar and drums pop from the two-second silence between tracks, having a couple second guitar riff as introduction at the very most, and as not a song on the album breaks the three-minute mark, the song is over almost as quickly as it starts, the whole thing screaming past in a flash of a track, swift like a streaker. This doesn’t apply to the whole album. “What If I Care About The People Who Live In The Seas Around Me?” does have a substantial build in the beginning and even seems to slow in tempo mid-track, allowing some time for the listener to recuperate and hold fast to the tune building and building, faster and faster, close to infinity, before it disappears within about two minutes of song.

If anything, The Evaporators build their songs on repeated riffs of drums, guitar, and words, set them in fast forward, and then leave the songs to their own devices where they continue until burnt out or until they are so charged with energy they skip through time like a Flux Capacitor enabled DeLorean.

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The Evaporators - Gassy Jack and Other Tales

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