The Worst Song: A Treble Podcast

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The Worst Song Podcast

For years, Treble Editor Jeff Terich has been asking bands and artists, “what song do you never want to hear again?” After collecting answers from dozens of artists, Jeff’s learned a thing or two about what makes for a truly terrible song, and now he’s ready to share what he’s learned with the world.

In the first episode of The Worst Song, hosts Jeff Terich and Candice Eley discuss the horrible pop songs that you can’t seem to escape. Guard your ears.

Theme Song: “Hidden Tin” by The Dabbers

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  • Totally ageee with you two on Sweet Home Alabama and especially The Doors as a whole. I had a friend in high school who worshipped them and even had a 6 foot tall poster of Morrison that said “American Poet” on it. Never got the appeal with them at all. Oh, and anything by KISS or Bob Seager would make my list as the worst classic rock songs of all time.

    Also, I find

  • uh, ‘what do you mean’ is the worst song? being full of shit is all the rage. Imagine that — a couple of hipster music snobs hate bieber. so cutting edge. not that the song needed any help proving its value, but the chvrches cover is a pretty solid endorsement. hate what you want, but a badly written description on a public encyclopedia seems like a totally stupid reason to hate a song. i was so excited to listen to this podcast. it would be ironically cool if episode 2 wasn’t a pile of shit like this one. i’ll never know.

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