Tom Waits announces 20th anniversary reissues of Alice and Blood Money

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Tom Waits

Tom Waits has announced reissues of two albums from his catalog. On October 7, he’s releasing 20th anniversary reissues of his 2002 companion albums, Alice and Blood Money via Anti-. The albums are being released in translucent blue and red vinyl, respectively, and leading up to the release of the two album reissues, he’s sharing live versions of tracks from the album. Today, he’s released “All the World Is Green,” from Blood Money, which was recorded in Milan, and a piano version of Alice’s “Fish and Bird,” which was recorded in London in 2004. Hear both tracks below.

Commenting on the arrangements for the albums in the original releases’ press release, Waits said, “During the ‘70’s, too many of my songs were drowning in strings. I didn’t want to hear another blasted violin. So, we found string players who felt the same way about their instrument, formed an odd, skeletal chamber orchestra and tried to avoid all the old familiar phrases where strings love to play.”

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