Two Terry Allen albums to be reissued via Paradise of Bachelors

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Terry Allen reissues smokin the dummy

Two long out-of-print albums from Terry Allen are getting long overdue reissues from Paradise of Bachelors. On May 6, Allen’s 1980 album Smokin the Dummy (artwork seen above) and 1983 album Bloodlines will each get a proper vinyl reissue with remastered tracks and restored tracklists. Check those out below.

Also, hear “The Heart of California” and “Gimme a Ride to Heaven Boy” below.

Terry Allen & the Panhandle Mystery Band Smokin’ the Dummy tracklist:

A1: “The Heart of California (for Lowell George)” 4:30
A2: “Cocaine Cowboy” 3:04
A3: “Whatever Happened to Jesus (and Maybeline)?” 4:37
A4: “Helena Montana” 3:38
A5: “Texas Tears” 4:11

B1: “Cajun Roll” 3:35
B2: “Feelin Easy” 3:01
B3: “The Night Cafe” 3:58
B4: “Roll Truck Roll” 5:00
B5: “Red Bird” 4:22
B6: “The Lubbock Tornado (I don’t know)” 4:33

terry allen reissues bloodlines

Terry Allen & the Panhandle Mystery Band Bloodlines tracklist:

A1: “Bloodlines (I)” 2:50
A2: “Gimme a Ride to Heaven Boy” 4:59
A3: “Cantina Carlotta” 4:03
A4: “Ourland” 5:21
A5: “Oh Hally Lou” 2:01

B1: “Oh What a Dangerous Life” 6:15
B2: “Manhattan Bluebird” 3:32
B3: “There Oughta Be a Law Against Sunny Southern California” 5:04
B4: “Bloodlines (II)” 5:02

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