Unicorns : Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?

I am still hesitant to buy into the sound still churned out by garage rock bands. Hesitant because I�ll like one or two songs, and the rest of the songs on their albums seem like padding for those two tracks. Moreover, the filler songs tend to recreate the same beat, tone and ideas as the others before them. I suppose it�s my fault for being so cynical.

I have bought into this genera and it also seems to me that people like me have marginalized and sucked out every ounce of mystery from said garage rock sound.

So imagine my reluctance upon reading these words right off the Unicorns� album, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We�re Gone?: �Get yourself ready and put your hands together for the �blowup� sensation of the rest of your lives: The Unicorns have arrived to save you, to let you save them, and consequently make-up the face of modern music.�

I can say that Montreal�s Unicorns have devotion and passion for their work. This gives them that confidence that they have something great to give you. I wouldn�t say that this album �saved me� after listening to it. But it genuinely left a smile on my face after I listened to some of the songs (�Sea Ghost,� �I was born (A Unicorn)�). With several of these songs being so good, I was able to forgive the filler songs, discovering that as a whole, it is worth the listener�s attention.

Sharp guitar punches, hard drum beats, and great vocal harmonies permeate the sound of the album. At first, I only had a few favorites, but after repeated listenings, Who Will Cut Our Hair grew on me.

If the Unicorns continued to make stacks of albums for the rest of their lives, I�m still sure I wouldn�t be saved. For that matter, I am sure they wouldn�t feel saved by my buying them. Soon, the mystery of the Unicorns� sound will grow old on my musical palate. But, being able to put a smile on my face, and to share their music with my friends, is enough to get me by for now.

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The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?

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