Velocity Girl announce expanded reissue of debut album, UltraCopacetic

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Sub Pop has announced an expanded, remixed reissue of the debut album by indie pop outfit Velocity Girl, Copacetic. On August 16, UltraCopacetic (Copacetic Remixed and Expanded) is due for release, featuring a new, band-approved mix as well as a bonus album’s worth of additional tracks, including singles, outtakes and Peel Sessions. Watch the video for “Audrey’s Eyes” below.

Velocity Girl’s ¡Simpatico! is featured on our list of 91 Essential Alternative Rock Albums of the ’90s.

Velocity Girl UltraCopacetic vinyl

Velocity Girl UltraCopacetic tracklist:

1. Pretty Sister
2. Crazy Town
3. Copacetic
4. Here Comes
5. Pop Loser
6. Living Well
7. A Chang
8. Audrey’s Eyes
9. Lisa Librarian
10. 57 Waltz
11. Candy Apples
12. Catching Squirrels
13. Warm/Crawl
14. Creepy
15. Stupid Thing
16. Even Die
17. Here Comes (Peel Session version)
18. Always (Peel Session version)
19. Crazy Town (Peel Session version)
20. 57 Waltz (Peel Session version)
21. Copacetic (Peel Session version)

Velocity Girl: UltraCopacetic

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