Welcome to the new Treble

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You may have noticed that some things have changed around here. Actually, a lot of things have changed. We’ve spent a long time working on a brand new, fully redesigned website that we didn’t just want to look good (though it does, doesn’t it?), but also wanted to provide a better experience for the reader. Features and columns are now are broken out into different categories. Our search bar has better functionality. And we finally have an Album of the Week archive, so you can peruse all of our highly recommended albums from the past several years.

However, please note, this is still a work in progress. You may see a few missing images or other phenomena, and maybe one or two links that don’t get you to the right place. We’re working on that, and we’ll continue to put in the hard work to make this a better site than ever. And of course, we’ll continue to bring you the content that we’ve prided ourselves on for so long.

So, first off, pardon our dust. But second, and most importantly, welcome to our new site. We hope you like it.

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