Yo La Tengo releases new digital album, We Have Amnesia Sometimes

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Earlier this week Yo La Tengo began posting some new recordings through their just-launched Bandcamp page, and now they’re releasing them in a new collection titled We Have Amnesia Sometimes. It’s out now via the group’s Bandcamp page.

Ira Kaplan says of the project in a press release, “In late April, with the outside world weighing on everybody, we determined that the three of us could assemble in Hoboken without disobeying the rules laid out by Governor Murphy, and resumed . . . ‘practicing’ hardly describes it, because we’ve done no practicing per se, and anyway what would we be practicing for . . . playing. James set up one microphone in the middle of the room in case we stumbled on something useful for the future. Instead we decided to release some of the things we did right now.”

A vinyl version of the new set of music will be released later this year. Hear the full thing below.

Yo La Tengo’s last album was 2018′s There’s a Riot Going On.

Yo La Tengo We Have Amnesia Sometimes tracklist:

1. James and Ira demonstrate mysticism and some confusion holds (Monday)
2. Georgia thinks it’s probably okay (Tuesday)
3. James gets up and watches mourning birds with Abraham (Wednesday)
4. Georgia considers the two blue ones (Thursday)
5. Ira searches for the slide, sort of (Friday)

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