Sleater-Kinney to release new song, “Bury Our Friends”

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Sleater-Kinney Start Together

Next week, Sleater-Kinney will release a box set titled Start Together, featuring all seven of their studio albums, via Sub Pop. But there may be more to the story than just remastered and re-released vinyl albums. In fact, Wondering Sound points to a tracklist on Italian website DVD Cineshop that lists “Bury Our Friends” as a bonus track to The Woods. And Twitter user Kevin Zidek tweeted that the box set comes with a bonus seven-inch, labeled with the date “1/20/15”. This certainly seems intriguing, if it doesn’t make fans like us outright giddy. It could possibly be the release date of an eighth Sleater-Kinney album, which is certainly a possibility. Or, perhaps even more exciting, the date of a reunion show, which I can assure you several of us would pay good money and travel a great distance to see. We most certainly would, but we don’t necessarily want to count our chickens just yet.

The plot thickens, however. Wondering Sound also tweeted a picture that certainly looks like a Sleater-Kinney album, cover, which apparently appears when you look up the track on Shazam. Take a look at that below.

Sleater Kinney No cities to love screenshot

Watch this space as more information is released. In the meantime, read our recent Celebrate the Catalog feature for an in-depth look at every Sleater-Kinney album.

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