Cloud Nothings, Mutual Benefit featured on Keep In Touch subscription series

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Keep in touch subscription

There’s another new, interesting singles subscription series in town. Keep In Touch is combining the crowd-pleasing concept of new 7-inch singles in your mailbox with the fun of having a pen pal. The way it works is that subscribers will receive a new 7-inch by 7-inch postcard each month, featuring artwork curated by whichever musical artist is up that month. And here’s the best part — their music is pressed directly onto that mail art. That’s definitely not something that shows up on your front porch every day.

The artists participating in KIT include Cloud Nothings, Mutual Benefit, Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz, Big Ups, The So So Glos, Ava Luna, Ricky Eat Acid, Into It. Over It., TOPS, Girlpool, Playlounge and more to be announced. The subscriptions will be limited to 450, and cost $50 plus shipping for the year (that’s about $65 domestic, according to the KIT website, and $90 internationally). KIT also promises some “surprises along the way,” whatever that means, but it certainly sounds like a fun spin on the trusty 7-inch subscription, which has been in vogue of late since the upswing in vinyl purchases.

More info is available at the Keep In Touch website.

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