D’Angelo’s Black Messiah is finally being released

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D'angelo new album black messiah

We’ve waited 15 long years, but it looks like after all this time, it’s finally happening: D’Angelo is releasing a new album. It’s called Black Messiah, and it follows 2000’s Voodoo. The album is credited to D’Angelo and the Vanguard, and you can hear a brief snippet of the album in a teaser posted by his manager, Kevin Liles. This weekend, Red Bull Music Academy is supposed to be premiering the album at a listening party event, though at the moment, the sign-up for the event goes to a 404 page. As of right now, there is no specific release date, but the album does appear to be finished by all accounts, and there’s some evidence that the physical product exists, which you can see below.

Here’s a look at the packaging for the album (pics mean that it did happen), from Twitter:


Pitchfork also points out that some posters for the album have been spotted in New York. Check out a photo below:

D'angelo new album poster

D’Angelo’s Voodoo was one of our Top 150 Albums of the ’00s.

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