Sisters of Mercy announce First and Last and Always vinyl box set

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First and Last and Alwayas

This year, The Sisters of Mercy’s goth-rock classic First and Last and Always turns 30. And to mark the occasion, Rhino is reissuing the album as a four-LP box set. The box contains the original album, plus the Body and Soul, Walk Away and No Time to Cry EPs. The collection will be released on 180-gram vinyl, as well as in digital editions, on July 24. The individual album and EPs will also be available for download individually. Check out the box set’s tracklist below.

The Sisters of Mercy First And Last And Always box set:

First and Last and Always
Side One
1. “Black Planet”
2. “Walk Away”
3. “No Time To Cry”
4. “A Rock And A Hard Place”
5. “Marian”

Side Two
6. “First And Last And Always”
7. “Possession”
8. “Nine While Nine”
9. “Logic”
10. “Some Kind Of Stranger”

Body And Soul
Side One
1. “Body And Soul”
2. “Body Electric” (1984 version)

Side Two
3. “Train”
4. “Afterhours”

Walk Away
Side One
1. “Walk Away”

Side Two
2. “Poison Door”
3. “On The Wire”

No Time To Cry
Side One
1. “No Time To Cry”

Side Two
2. “Blood Money”
3. “Bury Me Deep”

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  • The good news is that box really looks great and the 12 inches comes with there original sleeve art work. I already have the 12 inches but without the art work. The sound is almost like the original albums. Now for the bad news. The box comes with a voucher for one complete digital download. So for the very first time you can download the Body and Soul 12 inch and obtain the 3 missing tracks that where never digital available before. I’m talking about the tracks. Body Electric (1984 version), Train and Afterhours (Body And Soul track was available on the greatest hits volume 1 CD).
    Here the bad thing starts. My all time favorite Sisters of Mercy track is the 1984 version of Body Electric. The digital download doesn’t have the 1984 version of Body Electric…You guessed it, it’s the original 1982 version. Aaggghhh. Will there ever be a digital version of 1984 version of the Body Electric??

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