NME to become free weekly magazine

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The long-running UK music publication NME is becoming a free weekly magazine. In a blog post on the magazine’s website today, editor Mike Williams announced the changes to the magazine, which will take place on Sept. 18 in the UK. The weekly will have a circulation of more than 300,000, and in addition to the change in the print publication, the NME website will also undergo a revamp. Williams also explains that some other ideas are in the works:

As I type this, some of the NME team are locked away in a dark basement in NME Towers working on even more ideas to make sure it’s not only a brilliant magazine, but that it gives you everything you asked us for. I’m confident that it will.

Music has got the power to unite people like nothing else can. It’s there for you when you’re down, it inspires you when you want to get up, it brings you together with your friends and it speaks to you on a level that nothing else can. It’s the soundtrack to your life, basically.

NME launched in 1952 in the UK, first as a newspaper and in the 1980s and ’90s, transitioning toward its current magazine format.
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