David Bowie to “retire” from touring

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David Bowie is retiring from live performing. According to a story in The Guardian, Bowie’s booking agent John Giddings said that the artist doesn’t plan to get back to touring. “David [Bowie] is one of the best artists I’ve ever worked with. But every time I see him now, before I even speak to him, he goes, ‘I’m not touring’ and I say, ‘I’m not asking,’” Giddings said in a MusicWeek article. The last time that Bowie toured was in 2004, to support his album Reality. This does not, however, clear up whether Bowie is open to doing one-off performances.

Despite the end of touring for Bowie, he’s still staying productive, and just two years ago released The Next Day. His off-Broadway musical Lazarus also opens in December.

But this does mark one less thing we’ll be holding our breath for.

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