Watch the eerie video for Black Cross Hotel’s gothic dirge, “Windows”

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Black Cross Hotel

Black Cross Hotel is a horror punk/industrial outfit featuring members of Stabbing Westward, The Atlas Moth, Minsk, Broken Hope and Whipped. Their debut full-length Hex dropped in November via War Crime Records. And today, the band has shared a new video from the album, for the single “Windows.” The song is a gloomy but punishing gothic rock dirge, reminiscent of Killing Joke at their most ominous with shades of early Cure and ’90s-era industrial rock. The clip itself is in black and white, featuring ominous imagery and a whole lot of ooze. Watch it below.

The group shared this statement about the song: “‘Windows’ was inspired by The Thing—both the film and the soundtrack. The sound combines Carpenter atmosphere and moods with melodic elements inspired by Ennio Morricone. The story is about attempting to blend in with your surroundings for the purposes of self-preservation and maintaining group cohesion and ultimately failing at both goals—The lesson is that denying ones true nature ultimately hurts everyone. We feel Jakub – (Chariot of the Black Moth) perfectly captured the mood and vibe in this video.”

Listen and buy Hex here.

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