Boris deliver explosive noise rock on “Loveless”

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Boris new album NO

It’s best to never grow too comfortable with any single musical approach that Boris takes. They certainly never do. In the past few years, on albums such as 2017’s Dear and last year’s LφVE & EVφL, the Japanese trio traded in their more accessible doomgaze aesthetic and experiments in pop in favor of a dense wall of drone. On “Loveless,” the first single released from NO, a self-released album ready to drop in the midst of a period of music industry decimation and doldrums, is as furious and animated as they’ve sounded in years. A scorching hybrid of crust-punk and noise rock, “Loveless” has more in common with Converge’s most accessible moments than My Bloody Valentine’s. Guitars screech and chug, and Atsuo’s drums gallop with a relentless intensity. Even after 28 years together, redefining both themselves and heavy music, Boris continue to explore new facets, new shades and textures. It just so happens that “Loveless” isn’t particularly subtle in that regard—as the world draws inward, Boris have an irrepressible urge to break free.

From NO, out July 3

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