Boris W review

Boris : W

On this more atmospheric companion album to NO, the trio craft a heavy album of quiet parts.

Boris beyond good and evil

Boris share new single, “Beyond Good and Evil”

Hear the second single from the band’s new album, ‘W’.

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The Most Anticipated Albums of Winter/Spring 2022

25 albums at the top of our queue.

Boris holiday single

Boris share new holiday single Noël

Featuring a cover of Wham’s “Last Christmas”

Boris Wata

Boris announce new album, W

Hear the first single, “Drowning By Numbers”

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The 150 Best Songs of the 2000s

We revisit the 2000s to once again survey its greatest musical moments

Boris vinyl reissues No Flood

Boris announces vinyl reissues of NO, Flood

Two more hard-to-find albums from the band’s catalog being released stateside.

Manslaughter 777 World Vision Perfect Harmony review

Boris & Merzbow : 2R0I2P0

The Japanese metal trio and noise artist mark their eighth collaboration with a close to a torturous year.

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Boris Merzbow new album 2R0I2P0

Boris and Merzbow announce new album, 2R0I2P0

Hear new track “Away from You.”

Boris vinyl reissues

Boris announce Absolutego, Amplifier Worship reissues

The band’s first two albums are coming back to vinyl.

The Best Albums of July 2020

Thirteen favorites from the last 31 days (give or take an extra week or two).

Rock Therapy: An interview with Boris

A chat with the Japanese metal band about cultivating a therapeutic primal scream during a pandemic.

Shadow of the Horns: Gateway Grunge

How Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Nirvana made me love metal.

boris w review

Boris – NO

The Japanese trio’s surprise new release is the most punk they’ve ever sounded.

Boris new album NO

Boris deliver explosive noise rock on “Loveless”

The first single from ‘NO’ is an absolute ripper.

Boris new album NO

Boris announce new album, NO

Hear new track “Loveless.”

Boris new album NO

Boris announce new album, NO

Hear new track “Loveless.”